Simplifying Your Financial Journey

When you’re trying to live life more fully and worry less often, it’s important to have the “money part” under control.
But that's part of the problem. For most people, managing money can seem like a full-time job in itself.
For Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultants, it is a full-time job…a job we do for our clients every day. We can do the same for you, smoothing your financial path by sharing the burden of investing your assets.
So you can do more interesting things. Such as living your life.
Besides the time it takes, finding your way on the financial road can be a difficult task. Planning for your future has never been more complex, so it's good to take a trusted guide along with you…a Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultant who knows the twists and turns up ahead.
Real-world experience
We possess another kind of knowledge you may find useful, gained from talking with people in situations similar to yours each and every day. This real-world experience provides real understanding of our client needs—and an insight into the kinds of solutions that have proven to be successful in lives of real people.
Every journey goes more comfortably when you have a map of the road ahead. We'll help you get started now with a well-designed personal financial plan that can chart your financial future.
Obviously, the best maps are drawn by people who have already been there. We've helped thousands of clients get where they want to go, thanks to our extensive experience and training. We really have been there.
Mapping your position
At Hilliard Lyons, we work with some of the most powerful financial planning software in the world today. After a thorough discussion of your financial situation, goals, and tolerance for risk, we can develop an in-depth, written analysis of your options—including sophisticated what-if scenarios—for retirement, education funding, insurance, and a host of other issues.

Once you get a fix on your options, we can help make sure that your plan stays current with market conditions and your personal priorities.

Plotting a course

Your Financial Consultant can craft a unique financial plan for your particular investment personality. A financial roadmap that can include areas such as:

  • Asset accumulation to generate more assets to invest.
  • Asset allocation matched to your acceptable level of risk.
  • Pre-retirement funding needs such as buying a business or a second home.
  • Education funding with comprehensive views of all possible funding sources.
  • Comprehensive retirement planning that puts your needs in perspective and provides a step-by-step approach.
  • Retirement income to ensure you have enough when you retire.
  • Estate preservation to ensure a smooth transition to your heirs.

We can also generate what-if scenarios so you can examine alternatives to your objectives.

Start Your Journey

We’re a trustworthy partner on your financial journey. Wherever you want your money to take you, we have the financial consultants, the advanced financial planning software, and an extensive variety of financial products to help you get there.

Call or email Hilliard Lyons to arrange a no-obligation exploratory meeting and consultation.