Business Services


Its a small business to everyone but you and Hilliard Lyons.

Small business is the backbone of the nations economy and as a small business owner you deserve much more than minimal service.
After all, your business is your livelihood, providing for everything from your daily necessities to your retirement to the future welfare of your children and grandchildren.
If anything, you deserve superior service.
You spend most of your time dedicated to day-to-day operations and to your family leaving little time for anything else.
That's where Hilliard Lyons can help. While we cant give you more hours in your day, we can assist you in providing top-quality financial services, backed by a level of care you're not likely familiar with unless you already deal with Hilliard Lyons on a personal basis.
Hilliard Lyons offers an array of services designed to aid your business. Whether your concerns include employee retention through the use of an attractive 401(k) retirement plan, or insurance strategies crafted to protect your business from unimaginable catastrophes such as the death of an owner or key employee we can offer the advice and guidance needed.

Or, if you're ready to relax, Hilliard Lyons can even assist with the transition of your business to the next owner.

Listed below are the areas in which Hilliard Lyons can assist you:

• Qualified Plan Planning and Support
            • 401K | 403B | Defined Benefit review and analysis
            • Fiduciary Support
            • Vendor | Recordkeeper services
            • Plan Benchmarking
            • Employee education and planning programs
• Investment banking
            • Mergers & Acquisitions
            • Capital raising
            • Business valuation
            • ESOP advisory
            • Exit planning
• Business insurance
            • Life insurance strategies
            • Key-man insurance
            • Insurance to fund buy-sell agreement
• Commerical Loans through Hilliard Lyons Private Banking, a
financial portal with lending services provided by the Bancorp Bank
            • Lines of Credit
            • Term Loans
            • Mortgages
• Business ownership estate plans and trust services provided by Hilliard Lyons Trust Company, LLC