Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Business Valuation Insights - First Quarter 2019

Investment Banking

What Happens to Employees After an Acquisition?

By: Elizabeth Egan, Investment Banking Analyst

We find that, for many of our clients, particularly those with family-owned businesses, a decisive due diligence question is how their employees will be treated after the sale of their business.

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6 Reasons a Strategic CFO is Critical to A Growing Company

By: John Sweeney, Vice President, Managing Director

More than any other individual inside an organization – even the CEO – a CFO can determine both the short-term bottom line impact of a project and its long-term strategic value. Why is this so?

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Court Case Insights

Here are some recent court cases involving business valuations and business damages that we found interesting. 

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Our Value Proposition - "Real World" Valuation

Hilliard Lyons Investment Banking brings a special perspective to business valuation engagements via continuous "real world" exposure to the market that is obtained through our mergers and acquisitions practice.  While we possess recognized valuation credentials, adhere to valuation standards, and have substantial valuation experience, we believe it is our experience in the market for buying and selling businesses that is the critical factor grounding our valuations in reality.