Thursday, April 19, 2018

Business Valuation Insights - Second Quarter 2018

Investment Banking

Data Presentations that Change Minds

By:  Daniel Tadros, Investment Banking Analyst
The key to persuasion is empathy, and it is especially necessary when using data to persuade. Visualizing data persuasively is a skill that can be honed with experience and diligence. This article was inspired by (and borrows heavily from) Good Charts by Scott Berinato of the Harvard Business Review Press. 

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Overview of Merger and Acquisition Disputes

By:  James A. Gravitt, CPA, CBA, ABV, CFE and John A. Mascarich, Managing Director
Mergers and acquisition (M&A) transactions can be complicated and full of uncertainties. Both buyer and seller do their best to protect themselves with legal agreements about how “post-closing” disputes will be handled. Both problems in structuring these agreements and the fundamental business itself can lead to disagreements involving the financial aspects of the deal. This article is a summary of the types of issues that can arise in M&A disputes. 

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Court Case Insights

Here are some recent court cases involving business valuations and business damages that we found interesting. 

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Our Value Proposition - "Real World" Valuation

Hilliard Lyons Investment Banking brings a special perspective to business valuation engagements via continuous "real world" exposure to the market that is obtained through our mergers and acquisitions practice.  While we possess recognized valuation credentials, adhere to valuation standards, and have substantial valuation experience, we believe it is our experience in the market for buying and selling businesses that is the critical factor grounding our valuations in reality.