Important Information About Your Statement

Portfolio Positions Price: Security prices are obtained from sources we deem reliable but we cannot guarantee their accuracy or availability. Such prices may or may not reflect the actual market. (N/A is used when prices are not available).    Prices for certificates of deposit represent the value at maturity, which may be higher or lower than liquidation value.  

Please note that certain assets, such as non-publicly traded or infrequently traded securities or partnerships may be illiquid and the value may have been provided to us by third parties who may or may not be independent of the issuer or manager.

For a current quote on a security, please consult your Portfolio Manager.

Tax Information: Your statement is prepared for information purposes only and should not be used for tax preparation without the assistance of your tax advisor and your year ending 1099 form. Federal law subjects you to withholding and/or penalties if you fail to provide us your Social Security or Employer Identification Number.

We use tax cost to calculate the cost of your portfolio. When this information is not available for all assets, your portfolio’s tax cost may be understated. All unrealized gain/loss information is based on tax cost. When this information is not available for all assets, your portfolio’s unrealized gain or loss may be misstated.   To determine if we have tax cost information for all your assets, call your Trust Administrator.

Investment Objective: Please advise your Portfolio Manager promptly of any material change in your investment objectives or financial situation or if you wish to impose or modify any reasonable restrictions on the management of your account.

Errors and Inquiries: We will consider your statement correct unless we receive a written inquiry from you about any suspected errors within 10 calendar days of the mailing of the statement to you. It is your responsibility to review your statement promptly and to seek immediate clarification about entries you do not clearly understand. All correspondence should include: (1) Your name and account number; (2) The date of the entry in question; (3) A complete description of the entry and why you feel that the entry may be in error; and (4) The dollar amount of the entry in question.

About your account: The securities in this account, including shares of mutual funds, are not bank deposits. These securities are not guaranteed by any bank, the FDIC does not insure them nor does any government agency or government-sponsored agency of the federal government or any state. Securities involve investment risks including the possible loss of the amount invested.

In addition, the shares of any mutual fund in this account are not obligations of any bank, nor are they issued or endorsed by any bank or guaranteed by the FDIC or any other government agency or government-sponsored agency of the federal government or any state.  Prospectuses and/or annual reports for funds held in your account are always available.  Please contact your Portfolio Manager for further information.

Statute of Limitations: State law may require that an action for breach of trust based on matters in this statement be commenced within a certain period after receipt of the statement. Based on the state whose law governs the trust, the limitation period is: Alabama within 2 years of mailing, Arkansas within 1 year of mailing, Florida within 6 months of receipt, Georgia within 2 years of receipt, Illinois within 3 years from date furnished, Indiana within 3 years of receipt, Kentucky within 1 year of mailing, Michigan within 1 year of mailing, Missouri within 1 year of mailing, Ohio within 2 years of mailing, Pennsylvania within 30 months of mailing, South Carolina within 1 year of mailing, Tennessee within 1 year of mailing, Virginia within 1 year of mailing, and West Virginia within 1 year of mailing. Please consult your attorney with further questions.

Investments: Not FDIC Insured. No Bank Guarantee. May Lose Value.


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