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HLTC Large Cap Equity Strategy 

Our Large Cap Equity strategy invests in companies with sustainable competitive advantages and compelling valuations with the perspective of a long-term business owner. We seek companies that are industry leaders operated by skilled and shareholder-friendly managers to provide consistent revenue and earnings growth. We evaluate each company’s growth prospects and appropriate value. Given our long-term perspective, earnings growth has the opportunity to compound and portfolio turnover is low. Client portfolios are constructed with 25 to 30 companies. We seek to stay fully invested to capture the superior returns associated with equity investing.

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HLTC Core + Satellite Strategies 

In today’s investment world, a Core + Satellite approach may mean different things to different people. At Hilliard Lyons Trust Company, our Core + Satellite approach refines the discipline of identifying and managing risk. Our Core + Satellite structure divides capital and allocates risk among investments and asset classes, allowing us to seek additional returns while optimizing risk.

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Hilliard Lyons (AQA®) All Cap

Investors value companies whose operating histories show that they are well run. But picking the right variables that might reveal under-valued companies can be challenging. So Hilliard Lyons developed AQA, which provides a rigorous process to evaluate undervalued companies.

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Custom Portfolio Management 

Planning for your future requires time, dedication, and experience. At Hilliard Lyons, you can hire a professional portfolio manager to assist you with this process. Custom Portfolio Managementsm is a separately managed account, available through a fee-based advisory program (Private Advisor Network) that allows you to access that experience through our very own in-house Hilliard Lyons Trust Company portfolio managers.

Your Hilliard Lyons Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor will work closely with you to develop a diversified, customized investment portfolio, managed to fit your specific needs.

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