Custom Portfolio Management
Planning for your future requires time, dedication, and experience. At Hilliard Lyons, you can hire a professional portfolio manager to assist you with this process. Custom Portfolio Management is a separately managed account, available through a fee-based advisory program (Private Advisor Network) that allows you to access that experience through our very own in-house Hilliard Lyons Trust Company portfolio managers. Your Hilliard Lyons Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor will work closely with you to develop a diversified, customized investment portfolio, managed to fit your specific needs.

Tailored To Fit Your Needs

You will benefit from the personalized services of a Portfolio Manager who will manage your investments and, if appropriate, provide tax management solutions. Please consult your tax advisor before making any decisions which might affect your tax situation. Your relationship continues with your Wealth Advisor the way it always has for your day-to-day investment needs, including check requests, account maintenance, deposits, and withdrawals. Based on a process-driven methodology, your answers to the Investor Profile will help your Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager to begin allocating assets appropriately for your portfolio.

Asset allocation is the process of spreading assets among multiple asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash, and non-traditional assets. It also involves the periodic rebalancing of that allocation to capitalize on changing market and economic conditions or to help protect your assets. Rebalancing your allocation is a necessary part of successful long-term investing, because it ensures your portfolio continually reflects your personal situation at a given point in time. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss.

Key Benefits

  • Access to Hilliard Lyons Trust Company Portfolio Managers
  • A comprehensive analysis of your unique goals and investment considerations
  • A process-driven methodology to determine the most appropriate investments for you
  • A disciplined investment program designed to meet your specific investment objectives
  • Access to a full spectrum of asset classes and investment vehicles
  • The opportunity to diversify your assets easily and conveniently to reach your investment goals
  • Portfolio reviews to assist in monitoring your portfolio’s performance and staying on target with your financial goals
  • Access to your portfolio without commissions or transaction charges. The annual fee, billed quarterly in advance, covers the custody of assets, program fees, and advice. For details on program fees, please refer to the Hilliard Lyons Wealth Management Advisory Wrap Fee Program Disclosure Brochure.

Investment Selection and Review Process

Your Portfolio Manager will determine the investments chosen based on a comprehensive assessment process that includes your investment objective, time horizon, financial situation, and special circumstances. Once the assessment is complete, your portfolio construction begins. Hilliard Lyons Trust Company Portfolio Managers use a tactical asset allocation model customized to fit your needs. The Portfolio Manager may use individual equities and bonds, as well as mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Your Wealth Advisor will schedule ongoing reviews to review any circumstances that may change your objectives due to market events or life changes. In addition, your Wealth Advisor will keep you well informed of the performance of your portfolio and communicate any necessary changes to the Portfolio Manager.

Call Your Wealth Advisor Today

For details about the many benefits of Custom Portfolio Management, please contact your Hilliard Lyons Wealth Advisor today. Let us help you get started by following the steps below:

  • Discuss portfolio construction with your Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager to ensure that your financial goals, risk tolerance, and objectives will be addressed.
  • Read, sign, and return the Private Account Network Program Features, Fee Schedule and Manager Addendum.
  • Review your portfolio review statements and meet regularly with your Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager to ensure your portfolio is on track with your financial goals.

Hilliard Lyons Trust Company, LLC serves as trustee and as agent for trustee of numerous types of trusts, including revocable living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance trusts, total return trusts, marital trusts, and credit shelter trusts.

Custom Portfolio Management