Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Allen, Schroeder discuss the “cultural compatibility” that led to the Hilliard-Baird merger

What makes Hilliard Lyons such a great fit with Baird? It’s all about the clients and the community. In this new video, Hilliard CEO Jim Allen and Mike Schroeder, president of Baird’s private wealth management group, discuss how the companies’ shared history, values and expertise combine to create a strong, client-first entity.

“We share the same secret sauce,” says Schroeder. “We were both independent, privately held, employee-owned – and that is clearly, in our industry, one of the hallmarks of success.”

Advisors looking to explain how the combination of the two firms will benefit their clients are encouraged to forward the video to them. In the video, which runs for 3:20, Allen and Schroeder explain how the merger will greatly enhance the combined firm’s abilities, expanding the tools and expertise available to help clients meet their financial goals. “The clients should be most excited about all that extra capability of our new combined entity,” says Schroeder.

In addition, the video positions both firms as stewards of their communities, not just in the financial security they provide to their clients but in a larger, philanthropic role as well. “I look at it as our corporate responsibility to give back to the communities that have supported us so well for sixteen decades,” Allen says. “And Baird’s philanthropic priorities and civic commitments are almost a mirror image of ours.”