Your Wealth Advisor or Hilliard Lyons Trust Company Portfolio Manager will work with you to understand what you need and want to accomplish with the assets you entrust us to manage. We’ll work with you to translate your goals into investment objectives, assess your risk tolerances, and ultimately design a strategy that helps you get to where you’re going.

Our portfolio managers work to create a unique blend of assets – one that maximizes your potential for return while keeping you comfortable with the risk involved.

We’ll build your investment portfolio with individual securities based on your goals and desired safety level to help generate growth opportunities and layer in fixed incomes to increase current income and reduce volatility where possible.

We offer portfolio diversification through our proprietary Core and Satellite approach. Depending on your objectives, you may consider supplementing your core holdings with additional asset classes which may offer lower portfolio volatility.  Examples include non-proprietary institutional class Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the US Small Cap, US Mid Cap and International markets. We also offer alternative investments such as Commodities, High Yield and Real Estate.

At Hilliard Lyons Trust Company we adhere to a philosophy emphasizing long term ownership of high quality businesses. We seek consistent, steady returns without assuming excessive risk or generating costly portfolio turnover. It is a strategy designed both to preserve and enhance our clients' wealth. We believe our approach meaningfully reduces the risk of significant and permanent loss of capital and yet, affords ample opportunity for returns.

Our Investment Solutions
HLTC Large Cap Equity Strategy
Our Large Cap Equity strategy invests in companies with sustainable competitive advantages and compelling valuations with the perspective of a long-term business owner. We seek companies that are industry leaders operated by skilled and shareholder-friendly managers to provide consistent revenue and earnings growth. We evaluate each company’s growth prospects and appropriate value. Given our long-term perspective, earnings growth has the opportunity to compound and portfolio turnover is low. Client portfolios are constructed with 25 to 30 companies. We seek to stay fully invested to capture the superior returns associated with equity investing.
HLTC Core + Satellite Strategies
In today’s investment world, a Core + Satellite approach may mean different things to different people. At Hilliard Lyons Trust Company, our Core + Satellite approach refines the discipline of identifying and managing risk. Our Core + Satellite structure divides capital and allocates risk among investments and asset classes, allowing us to seek additional returns while optimizing risk.
Custom Portfolio Management
Custom Portfolio Management is a separately managed account, available through a fee-based advisory program (Private Advisor Network) that allows you to access that experience through our very own in-house Hilliard Lyons Trust Company portfolio managers.

Your Hilliard Lyons Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor will work closely with you to develop a diversified, customized investment portfolio, managed to fit your specific needs.
Investment Management